PizzaVegan Articles

Are you a pizzeria owner looking to better cater to the vegan crowd? Or a vegan pizza lover who wants to connect with a like-minded community? Here, we gather helpful articles for those on both sides of the aisle, as well as those who are considering or testing out the vegan lifestyle. Welcome to our community, where vegans and pizza lovers unite!

6 Plant-Based Trends to Watch

Welcome to the next evolution of plant-based! Experts from the Plant-Based World Expo, taking place in New York City on September 7 to 8,...

Alex Koons’ Top 5 Favorite Vegan Cheeses

Alex Koons of Los Angeles’ Hot Tongue Pizzeria outlines his top 5 favorite vegan cheeses—and when and why he uses them. By Alex Koons, Hot Tongue...

Alex Koons’ Vegan Sausage Recipe

Hot Tongue Pizza owner Alex Koons shares the vegan sausage recipe he uses at his Los Angeles-based pizzeria.

Chef Suzi Gerber’s Rice Cheese Recipe

Customize this recipe to make cultured mild white, mozzarella or cheddar cheeses, simply by incorporating a few different flavor additions.

How to Add Vegan Options to Your Pizzeria Menu

A vegan coach, consultant and chef offer their top tips for operators who are looking to add vegan cheeses and other options in the pizzeria.

Alex Koons Shares His Almond Parmesan Recipe

For a classy finish on pizza, pasta and even salads, try this four-ingredient plant-based wonder from the owner of Los Angeles’ Hot Tongue Pizza.