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Are you a pizzeria owner looking to better cater to the vegan crowd? Or a vegan pizza lover who wants to connect with a like-minded community? Here, we gather helpful articles for those on both sides of the aisle, as well as those who are considering or testing out the vegan lifestyle. Welcome to our community, where vegans and pizza lovers unite!

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Ask a Vegan: Marc Coloma

Posted on January 15, 2021

Heura, a plant-based protein manufacturer, is a fast-rising star in its home country of Spain—and gaining traction worldwide. CEO and co-founder Marc Coloma discusses the vegan revolution.

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Ask a Vegan: Elaine Toner

Posted on January 7, 2021

After 20-plus years in the restaurant industry, Elaine Toner, plant-based personal chef and health coach for The Recovery Habit, now sits at the intersection of sober living and healthier eating.


Join the Veganuary Movement!

Posted on December 31, 2020

Whether you’re a pizzeria owner or consumer, vegan or carnivore, do not miss this incredibly informative Q&A with Wendy Matthews, U.S. director of Veganuary.

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Ask a Vegan: Deborah Leader

Posted on December 31, 2020

The creative mind behind the Vegan Vigilante blog shares why having a renegade spirit goes hand in hand with the growing vegan movement.

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Vegan Pizza Inspo: Hops & Pie

Posted on December 23, 2020

At Denver-based Hops & Pie, nearly 20% of sales are vegan—so this pizzeria is heavily invested in making sure vegan customers remain satisfied with options across the menu.

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Vegan Pizza Inspo: Oath Pizza

Posted on December 16, 2020

Oath Pizza embraces vegan menu options as part of its socially conscious, purpose-driven mission.

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